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Reticulated Sterling Silver with Amber stone


The "reticulation" process involves heating a sheet of silver alloy up to 10 times to oxidize the copper at the surface, then pickling to remove the oxide and leave a thin layer of pure metal. This process-called "depletion gilding" results in different melting temperatures between the surface and the interior of the sheet. Once the sheet is gilded, it is heated with a torch: The alloy in the interior flows before the surface metal does.


It produces a ridged or ripply surface through controlled heating. The ridges of a reticulated surface are more pronounced than any other surface treatment, looking like a moonscape or a relief map of the Sierra Nevada. In indirect light, the ridges of reticulation are better pronounced and change with the shifting light as the wearer moves.



Stone:  3/8" x 1/4" high

Metal:  1-3/4" (at longest point) x 1/2" (at widest point)

“Amber in the Rough” Pendant

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