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terms & conditions

Jane Gaona, of Stone Metal Arts LLC, and Jane Gaona Designs, retains all rights to images and content on this site.  Images, videos and/or content may not be reused, copied, or resold by unauthorized individuals, without written consent.  All jewelry and other works purchased from this site may not be reproduced, copied, transformed or altered in any way without written permission.  


Jane Gaona, Stone Metal Arts LLC and Jane Gaona Designs, reserve the right to refuse service, sales and/or contact with anyone I feel is maliciously treating me or my business with disrespect or intent to harm. Solicitation of any kind on this site is unacceptable. 


privacy policy

Any personal contact information provided on this site will not be shared with, or sold to any other entity.

Any personal contact obtained may be used by Jane Gaona, Stone Metal Arts LLC, and Jane Gaona Designs for marketing or advertising purposes, in the form of periodic emails. 

I will not overload your mailbox with a lot of annoying email.

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