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What is a “Statement Piece”?

Splash!  Hot melted metal poured onto charcoal brick created this sandy effect when cooled, topped with abalone

If you ask your best friend, your sister, your mother, or your neighbor what their idea of a Statement Piece is, chances are pretty high that you would get completely different answers from each person.

The truth is that a “Statement Piece” is anything that you believe makes a statement about you – the wearer.

It is a conversation piece used to strike up a conversation with another person - to discuss our thoughts, similarities, differences, or to expose a person to an ideal, or a designer's story.

It may say that you are a socially and environmentally conscientious person who only wears jewelry made from ethically sourced goods from third-world countries.

It could say that you are a patron of the arts, in which you frequent art galleries, and the jewelry you wear makes a statement to that point – artistically-minded, fun-loving and sometimes “over the top”.

The same thing holds true for a jewelry designer - a Statement Piece reflects the designer’s uniqueness. Time, passion, creativity, and a keen eye all go into the making of a one-of-a-kind piece of jewelry. Designers love to learn the story behind a component they put into their art, and to carry forward their own story of the piece and why or how it was designed. All of this goes into the making of a Statement Piece.

To pass along a uniquely designed custom piece of jewelry is personal to the designer, and it is personal to the end user. Go forth and proudly share the story of your Statement Piece.


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